P(*)E at the SoCal RAINN Event, club sixteen-fifty, Los Angeles, CA, August 13, 2002

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The early report from the event:

This is from Angry PsYcHo and Data Back Road contest winner Onagh Levy:

First things first!!

I MET POE!!! We chatted for several moments and she hugged me TWICE!!!

She played Beautiful Girl in closing and it was such an intimate setting it
just filled me with emotion!! I had been doing really well having fun, and
then she did Beautiful Girl and I just started tearing up and crying - that
song is very special to me.

Ok, so the "concert" was more of a rap session. She came out to speak and as
she was telling her story of the Gravity games, being called a fucking cunt
and a stupid bitch, she peppered the story with songs:

1) That Day
2) Angry Johnny

talking about the games

3) How Long

talking about her decision to leave

4) Trigger Happy Jack

talking about the missed rearranged travel plans which re routed her OFF the
Flight 11 from Boston

and Dignity for yourself

5) Beautiful Girl

It was spectacular.

I met several AP's ..... Angry Terry, Eric, Michelle, Karen and other's who's
names I've forgotten.

We went around tot he back and waited for Poe to come out and the Psychos
were so polite and awesome - they let me talk to her first and were so nice
about it!! WOW such awesome people you know? it really is heart warming to
know that these people are really in tune with what it's like to meet our
Goddess for the first time!

So she came out and as she approached I just smiled and she asked if I was
ready. I asked her if I could ask for her to sign both my CD's and she said

I told her that Beautiful Girl was a healing moment for my mother and I and
that I printed the lyrics for my mom and that it changed our relationship.
That is was so healing for us! she said that it was so nice of me to tell her
something so beautiful and gave me a hug!! She said that she actually wrote
that song about her mom and I told her it was plainly obvious and she goes
Really? Some people don't get that! I told her that I studied poetry in
college and that as far as I was concerned she was an amazing poet and her
work was amazing art. At that point I began to babble so I shut up.

I told her I won the ticket from Data Back Road and that it was an amazing
place and that everyone missed her and can't wait to hear from her. She said
she would stop by.

Someone heard me talking about DBR and said OMG your the one!! I said yea,
I'm BeachWitch and yes, I paid $500 to see Poe at Staples - Poe was stunned
she said OMG you are just an a amazing woman here let me hug you again!!

She drew all over my CDs and then I let her go to chat with other Psychos. I
gave her my sharpie to keep and she was so happy - she laughed!!

I know I was supposed to say all kinds of things to her from you guys but I
was so wrapped up in the moment I forgot most of it. But I remembered the AP
list and the DBR - the most important things!!

So I'm too tired to post to the AP list so you guys have my permission to
cross post this where ever you want. Spread Poe far and wide!!

Thank You DBR for the awesome amazing wild experience of actually meeting Poe
and the priviledge of speaking with her!! It is a night I will cherish for
many years to come!!!

Love all you guys to pieces!!!

The LATE report from the event:

ShellE Productions, in association with The First Church of our Lady Poe presents to you:

The LATE report from Southern California!

First, some words from Pastor AayTee:

"Poe is better looking, she is aging very well."

Also after Poe signed his chest, he remarked that "I felt Angie all over for horns and couldn't find any."

Now your friendly soundcheck report:

At approximately 6:00 Pacific time, the Poe band consisting of (no longer Cotton Candy) Kenny, Poe and the one and only cello god Cameron Stone arrived at the venue. ShellE Productions was invited to stay and listen in as Cameron began his mystical cello playing, mixing in non-Poe tracks used recently for television commercials, Donna Delory tracks and parts of Angry Johnny, How Long and That Day. Kenny got his keyboard and rhodes piano plugged in and they began to jam together for only the second time ever. They had previously played together in a show at Santa Barbara in the year 2000.

Poe had been outside working on her speech with a friend of MZD's, and her old New York band friend Brad who she hadn't seen in three years, when the time came for her to do her vocal check. While looking for Poe, Cameron got on the mic and yelled "POE! POE! Oh god, this feels just like 1996!"

Poe finally made it back to the stage, and they rehearsed parts of Angry Johnny, That Day and How Long. It was the first time Kenny had ever played along with How Long and the first time Poe had played the song in around five years.

They began packing up to go back to Poe's to rehearse a bit, have dinner and perfect her speech. As they were leaving Daris arrived, and they did a bit of a caravan back to Poe's place. The band lineup finally complete, with no practice time between them, Poe's outlook was a bit bleak, but we knew they'd pull through...

The band literally were informed between Friday and 3am this morning of the show, and what was originally scheduled to be guest speaking role turned into a very intimate band set.

The crowd was disappointingly small, but the energy in the room following sets by Sacha Sacket, Girls Guitar Club, the first raffle of the evening and Rebekah Del Rio, the band came back onstage and interacted with Josh from RAINN for a bit while they did final soundcheck. Poe came out and played just as described in the early report previously posted...

After the set, MZD revealed to ShellE Productions that his next project is in the works, and House of Leaves has gone from being his baby to a teenager that's taking on a life of its own. He also asked that we mention that the promotional tracks that were released as a tie-in to house of leaves are available at mzd.poe.st and asked that none of you pay $80 for the cds on ebay because the tracks are just as good if you download them online from mzd.poe.st. When asked what his new work is about, he revealed "It is so secret, even I don't tell myself what it is about." Mr. Danielewski will be going to France in September to promote the latest release of House of Leaves available August 26th from Amazon.fr.

After the show, Michele coordinated our meet and greet with Poe from the backstage area. We all met in the parking lot and although Michele had a lot of pertinent questions to ask Poe she didn't get the chance to ask them, and the questions she did get to ask, Poe answered "I can't tell you that".

Had the chance to meet many Angry Psychos and Poe has once again left me the responsibility to pass on a message:

"Psychos one and all be afraid be very afraid. The future is coming at you soon. Oh yeah something else, and the future has both her shoes this time, and she's not missing any heels and she doesn't have any runs in her stocking because she stopped wearing them."

Our RAINN key shaped stamps have started to fade, our backstage bracelets have been removed and in the morning we head back to Northern California.

Michele's followup report:

For those who are curious, the final numbers aren't in yet, but the SoCal RAINN event last night had a little over 200 people attend and raised over $10,000. I'm sure there will be a formal announcement once everything's confirmed.

I had a blast, which seems odd since it was only 1/2 of a Hello-era set...but it was intense. I was so impressed with the band for getting it together in four hours - Poe works with such talented people! And her speech went over well, I think.

I met a few poeple, thanks to Terry finding 'em and herding them around ;) and I'm sorry I didn't really get to talk long...but I was busy running around...Poe's fault as usual ;P

I'm sure Poe is dying to tour now, so I hope she can get something arranged!


SoCal RAINN Event Banner

More photos are available at Mad Cao's World thanks to Bich Ngoc, PhotoWorks (prints available to order) thanks to Heather, and at IcePrincess's Pics thanks to Shelley

Some nice event photos from ShellE's archives:
Poe and Cameron

Daris and Poe

Poe and Cameron

Backstage artist and soundcheck timetable

Backstage thank you note to the performers and untaken presents

Backstage listening to Shelia Nicholls, Cameron Stone (cello) in 2001 black shirt with red P(*)E ball and tour dates, Daris Adkins (guitar) in Upstaging Inc. black shirt with Depeche Mode Exciter Tour 2001 on the back, and Ken Burgomaster (keyboard and Rhodes)

Hanging out in the backstage parking lot, Stephanie, Terry, Poe, Radon, Miki, Heather, John, (in front) Michele, Erik, Angie, Karen

Hanging out in the backstage parking lot, Mike W., Rose, Terry, Bich Ngoc, Michele, Poe

Autographed program, with Poe crossed out and Michelle (sic) & the Magic Trout in her placeBack of the flyer, with sponsor list and thank yous, including Poe and Cameron Stone

The advertisement flyer, updated to include POE